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I’m Jen Allison, food photographer and founder of Naturally Nu. I specialize in recipe creation, food styling and food photography. As a registered dietitian/nutritionist, food is my life and inspiring visual storytelling through photography and videography is my passion. 


I fell into food photography when I was diagnosed with Celiac disease. Good gluten free was hard to find so I took it upon myself to provide information for others wanting great tasting gluten free recipes.  


I discovered a real love and talent for food photography. Less so for the writing (enter Rich). My pictures unexpectedly led to more and more offers for commercial food photography so I decided to follow my passion and Naturally Nu photography was born! My food photos and recipe creation aren’t exclusively gluten-free for clients so go on, bring it gluten!


We're in Canada. And we're global.


Much of my photography contracts are done remotely and are delivered to clients online so you don't have to be in Calgary for us to work together. 

Meet The Team

Rich E_Or.JPG

Rich Elvers

 Marketing Communications Specialist

Content Strategist

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Jen Allison

Photographer & Videographer

Food Stylist

Recipe Creator

Registered Dietitian


Indy + Chewie

Food Models

Professional Nappers

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